Cute Plushies


Rabbit Plush


✅ Available in 3 sizes i.e. 26cm, 40cm and 60cm
✅ Cute and super soft
✅ for warm and cozy hugs
✅ Eco-friendly and harmless for skin
✅ best gift choice

  • 26cm
  • 40cm
  • 60cm
Here we present our new pink rabbit Plush pillow For Our customers. These Plush toys are so cute and adorable that they will make you hug them. The texture of the fabric and the colour is so eye-catchy that you can’t resist its affection.
They are available in 3 sizes to order them now at cute plushies and enjoy your fluffy Hug-able winter friend

More Features:

✅ Cute and super soft
✅ Embrace in arms to get warm
✅ Eco-friendly and harmless for skin
✅ Quality Manufacturing Material

26cm, 40cm, 60cm

Age Range

> 3 years old




PP Cotton