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  • ✅ Available in 14 to 32 inches sizes
    ✅ High-quality PP cotton filling
    ✅ Bright blue color perfect for room decoration
    ✅ Adorable and soft to hug and cuddle
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    Giant Stitch Plush Toy is the soft and fluffy kawaii version of the legendary character from the American animated film series “Lilo & Stitch” where Stitch is a disguised dog. He is actually an extraterrestrial creature called Experiment 626 that crash-landed on Earth and is adopted by Lilo as a pet.

    This large Stitch stuffed animal is perfect for hugging and cuddling and can be used for decoration on rooms as well as a pillow. Make sure to have a look at the images to take a further idea of the beauty and softness of this giant Stitch bear.

    Please allow a possibility of any slight variation in product color as the color display varies with the type of screens.

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    Life size stitch and angel stuffed animals


    Popular among Plush Lovers:

    Giant Stitched Stuffed Animal is becoming one of the most sought-out plushies on the internet nowadays. Therefore, people are crazy over this cute fluffy doll. Luckily, Cute Plushies kawaii store provides high-quality big Lilo and Stitch stuffed animals at affordable prices.

    Various Sizes Available:

    The big Lilo and Stitch teddy bear comes in different sizes that include a smaller one like 14 inches to the largest one of 32 inches. It is filled with high-quality PP cotton that makes the toy durable and squishy.

    Vibrant Colors:

    Life-size Stitch bear has a bright blue color that looks pleasing to the eyes. Therefore, it can be perfectly used for decoration of the rooms and houses. You may use a relatively larger size as a pillow that will provide you a comfortable sleep at night.

    Gift for Kids:

    Kids that are fans of the series will absolutely love this big stuffed Stitch. They will make it their partner for the whole day. We recommend buying a smaller as a gift for children.

    Free Shipping:

    The free shipping provided by Cute Plushies generally takes 10 to 25 working days to deliver the package at your doorstep. If you have any questions regarding the purchase and the whole process of delivery, please feel free to contact us.

    Other Variety:

    We have a lot of variety available at the store including Giant Shark Stuffed Toy and Shiba Inu. You may check out other products at the store or contact for more information.

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    35cm, 45cm, 55cm, 65cm, 80cm




    PP Cotton