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Are you a big fan of Hello Kitty Series of products and want them to purchase from a reliable store? Yes, You are in the right place. Kawaii Plushies store provides a variety of Hello Kitty plush in many color, shapes, and sizes. It is available in Hello Kitty Pink, blue, purple, yellow and many other colors which depict the cute versatility of Sanrio Plush.

Kitty Designs:

Hello Kitty is a brand that also designs several other products of this cute cartoon product like purse, shoes and sandals etc. It is of white color with a red or pink bow on its head with no prominent face. With little mustaches and a drop of the nose, it looks so adorable.

These plushies can be in vintage style as well. Which is originally named in different styles like a Baby ballerina, Kitty Bella, Beanie Buddy Hello Kitty plush. Kitty Plush is a perfect replica of its original character as we ensure the quality of our each and every article delicately. It can be fit in your purse and hand carries bag as well so that you could travel along with your plushies.

Kitty as a Gift:

These banana plushies can be used to gift your relatives to send them your love as every gift foreshadow your love to them. And it could also be used as a decorating piece at your home or in a room. Kids also use it for squishing while sleeping to feel comfort

Measurement and Shipment:

Size, shape, and weight could vary according to the desire and satisfaction of customers. But All you need to do is to select the relevant article from our store and order us right now to get exclusive products at your doorsteps. AS we provide shipment all around the globe, so feel free to get this opportunity.