Where To Donate Stuffed Animals?


Since giving stuffed animals and toys are the best practice that circulates in various societies. You should always be giving away such things to the poor kids around you. You should think of brightening the face of a child by handing him/her over with such stuffed animals and toys. 

Here are all the places you can donate gently used toys, stuffed animals, dolls and other items. Before you pack up the car, call ahead to make sure the organization you've chosen is currently accepting donations. During the coronavirus pandemic, some groups have updated their donation requirements.

Kinds Of Stuffed Animals You Can Donate

You should collect all the stuffed animals and toys and should donate them since there are parents who can not afford to have such items for their kids. So if you want to serve them, you can do it by providing such things. Here we will see what kind of stuffed animals and toys that you can donate.

All these include teddy bears, floppy-eared bunny, set of dolls, large and small stuffed animals, stuffed toys of any type, and all other toys you can donate.

Places Where You can Donate Your Toys


There are some charity thrift stores such as Salvation Army and Goodwill, where you can put your toys for others to buy. These are the most recognizable charities and very well known to all the people. Other than this, you will just need to call any donation center where you want to deliver your toys.

The management of the donation center put all those stuffed things again for the needy and poor children. If there is a donation center that has a lot of toys, they will avoid taking your toys. 

Make sure that you always should donate toys to the non-profit organization or center.

Hospital and Doctor's Office

Since there are kids admitted in the hospitals which always need sort of toys to play with. Moreover, there are some hospitals that allow such toys to be used by their patients. They welcome all sorts of toy donations.

If you want to donate any of the above things, you should know to go or visit a child’s doctors. You might feel the need of toys there. Sometimes, kids are said to wait in a room where they do not have anything to do.

In this case, large toys can work wonders. Children can play with them until a doctor calls then. Nevertheless, small toys can also work for you when a child attends the doctor during the check-up. It is also a great way of distracting the kid.

Local Shelters

In every city, there are always local shelters or a child’s charity center where orphans live. So such places are the best places to donate your stuffed toys.

However, children do not like to be in such places, such as local shelters and other centers. But toys can really help them adjust to the new environment.

Besides this, there are other places as well, such as the Boys and Girls Club, Schools, Hospitals, Department stores, and Grocery. If still, you are unable to find such organizations, you can assist or contact the Homeless Shelter Directory.

Daycare Centers / Nurseries / PreSchools

It is impossible to find daycare centers that are not in need of stuffed toys. Wherever you find such centers, they will always be asking for such things and items.

A nearby preschool or nursery is a great place to donate your stuffed animals. If you have seen that a preschool needs some previously owned toys then be sure to consider them for your donation. Just make sure to call before you come up with a donation, as there might be a few rules to prepare a toy.

Home for Children

Thousands of organizations are in need of used or stuffed toys. One of them is children’s homes where you can benefit a kid who is poor and unable to afford such toys. In addition to this, children in centers live in groups, so the demand for used or stuffed toys are increasing day by day.

Years ago, there were thousands of children’s homes, but now the number has decreased. You should call the home director to know about such homes. After contacting them, they will inform you if they are in need of these toys.


As we all know that churches are tax-exempt organizations where you can easily lessen the tax if you donate any used toys. Numerous religious organizations offer childcare or nurseries to their parishioners, and since the service is regularly easing or free, they frequently need toys. It is a great way to give away, particularly if you have had a chance to exploit a church’s childcare benefits in the past.

Social Services

In every part of the city, there are some social activists who are active in the social benefits of the people. If you contact these people, they can immediately connect you to these people who are in need of stuffed toys and animals.

Moreover, if not this, they take these items from you and give it to needy people. Most of the time, they provide these things to foster care where resources are limited.

Police and Fire Departments

Since policemen, policewomen, and fire department workers usually visit such sights where they come across scared, frightened, and injured kids.

These people often carry stuffed animals, toys, and other items with themselves to serve it to the scared and frightened kids if needed. Furthermore, these people are always looking for the public to provide them with these services so they can help the poor and needy kids.

If you are interested in donating it, you should call police and fire departments and hand over them these items to help the kids in stressful situations.

Military Families

In all countries around the world, military families are always on the move. This has a disastrous toll on the children who need time adjusting to the new environment.

So your toys might be a welcoming gesture from them if you send it to their house. Their kids will get easy and friendly with the environment.

Recycling Programs

If the toys you're looking to get rid of are soiled, torn or otherwise not in great shape, recycling them may be the best bet. You can get in contact with your local recycling service and see if they take toys (because they don't always!)

If you are the one who does not want a tax deduction but wants to get rid of these toys, then you should look online. There you will find websites such as Freecycle. It allows you to post the items that you want to give away.

Remember that you do not share your personal detail or home address. You need to avoid these two factors. The best way is to meet people in the market and parks and give them those items.

There is also another way to find online swaps such as Facebook and craigslist. These two platforms are active in collecting items and toys and then sell them.

Things You Must Avoid Before Donating Stuffed Animals And Toys!


There are some factors you must avoid and look into before you give away these things to charities.

  • Do note give away broken toys: You must avoid giving away broken toys because some organizations are unable to repair and clean them. So before donating them it's best to clean them, it will help a lot.
  • Avoid giving items with missing pieces: It is disrespectful towards the needy if you donate toys with missing pieces. Always make sure that your toys are fit for use.
  • Avoid donating items that go in baby's mouth: Donating small toys can be very dangerous. They might create problems for the kids and families who receive them because their small babies might put them in the mouth. You should always give away those items which are bigger in size.
  • Don't give unattended items: Foundations and charities that accept toys usually have assigned drop-off points or pickup accessibility, so keeping a box of stuffed toys at a charity door is inappropriate behavior. In any event, call ahead and let them realize you’re coming.

If you are still unable to find any of the above-mentioned organizations and places, then visit DonationTown.org, which is specifically designed for picking up various used items and then hand over it to the needy people.

It also enables you to find charity places near to your house. It is a kind of good act that can benefit other families because many of them are unable to provide these items and toys to their kids. By donating it, it may help those needy children and increase their happiness.


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